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Telescopic Seating from Bleacher America
telescopic seating kodiak seating ADA cutout bleacher hand rail
Telescopic Seating: Our Telescopic Seating extends quickly and easily to provide safe, comfortable seating for interior spectator events. Configurations include recoverable and fixed ADA options.
  • Plastic Seat Modules
  • Southern Yellow Pine Seating
  • VOS Seating
  • Fixed ADA Cut-Outs
  • Recoverable ADA Cut-Outs
  • Full Section First Row Truncations
  • EZ-Aisle P-Rails
  • Safety End Guard Rails
  • Retrofit Foot & Seat Level Aisles
  • Replacement Bleacher Boards
  • Closed Deck Concepts
  • Hand Rails
  • Motorization
  • Contact a Bleacher America representative early in your planning stages. We provide free consultation and assistance with seating configurations, lead times, pricing and budgets.